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Our Double Green™ Standard Bridges Economical with Ecological 


Green World Zone™ for Your Guests.

Green Project Development keeps you in business perpetually even when the grid goes down. Most of the electric charges in a hotel come in the late afternoon/evening time. When power costs the most at peak and demand fees are applied to your bill. Solar won’t cover this to any measurable degree as the sun stops producing power when you just start to use power. Our power shifting will come in to power you up with your own produced power so you won’t have to use any expensive power. We will reduce or eliminate all of it. You have the power with our Green World Zone (GWZ) design.

There are other aspects of GWZ into your hospitality facility when we automate your power controlled for the least cost. One is by increasing control and automation of your desired comfort levels for the whole building you also do so for each guest room at check in and check out. Imagine having your comfort settings automated for banquets, conferences, and happy hour. Control the environment in the fitness rooms, lobby, and much more. Whole facility optimization, energy efficiency, and production is available, while offering electric vehicle charging, maximizing refrigeration efficiency, Pool automation and providing heat recovery to offset hot water heating.

Looking to upgrade your pool? Adding GWZ will provide top mineral water, pool, and spa conditions. A natural salt pool that has the minimum legal limit on chlorine calibrating by automation not overdosing to save pool service trips. Automated to keep the no longer needed pool service from overloading and under loading. Don’t rely on a service as no service is needed when your pool takes care of itself. To many chemicals can be an irritant and potentially hazardous in enclosed spaces. Your guests will be happy they don’t have to breathe in those stale, chemical gases that surround your pool and spa!

Lastly, purify and sanitize the air inside your hotel. Green World Air Zone™ counter all harmful particulates, viruses and odors with our world renowned Oxygen Therapy Indoor air quality system – purifying and sanitizing air throughout the facility with hydrogen peroxide, just like in hospitals. Don’t subject your guests to unhealthy, non-circulated stale air, whether in the hallways, banquet halls, or bedrooms.

Concerned about finances? No need to worry – Green World Hub gathers all incentives to ensure that little to no money comes out of your pocket. Making for large profits over 20 years and beyond. Contact us to learn more.

Medical Facilities

Protect the Protectors


One of the most critical public areas that need Air Zone™ goes to work disinfecting all areas and confirmed users of this Oxy-Therapy technology are hospitals and clinics. Our integrated designs using the most advanced technology to continuously fight viruses, bacteria, mold spores and microbes of the smallest sizes are used in NASA, Hospitals and all critical living spaces. Anywhere a Staphylococcus infection or Virus breakout is a concern. To obtain the most protection for patients, staff, and medical practitioners working at the facility. For continued operation and continuity in care our combined design integrating a sustainable environment with an energy resistant micro-grid system.

High Impact Homes

Board and Care Homes, Care Homes

 Sustain your business during the pandemic into the future…   

What if you knew of technology that would protect your clients from a virus pandemic? Knowing what the alternative is…you can choose to be the only one unaffected. 

 With Green World Air Zone™, the health care of your air, we emulate the controlled space of a laboratory or clean room. Unique to the industry because Air Vibes is the only system with real-time monitoring to ensure the results down to virus size. 

Why does our technology protect your clients and your staff from a virus pandemic?  We are virus hunters and break the back of every virus entering the Air Vibes treatment chamber installed at our esteemed clients facilities.  

Continually treating air makes it as close to a clean room in an uncontrolled environment better than the outside air we think is safe. Insurmountably safer than being at home.

Your clients trust you as their host for healthy living…you can trust us for healthy air. 


Other Commercial Buildings:

Supermarkets, Fitness Centers, Casinos, Office Buildings, etc…

“Suped up” Supermarkets

Power outage and virus resilient!

Stay in business when the grid is not. Create your own sustainable environment. The added GWZ as a concept is a unique combination and integration of continual power, continual virus resilient Oxygen Therapy treated air and food. A continual message of caring for the staff and customers.

Your business in continual power under your own micro-grid to stay in perpetual operation even when there is no grid power. Not essential backup power but your whole business. Not a day or two but a near perpetual system that gives you sustainable clean power. Green World Hub’s special integration lowers energy consumption, then supplies clean power replacing high utility costs and demand fees.

Combined with a GWZ space we equip the business with in-door air quality advanced virus and bacteria fighting capabilities, which keep your produce fresher longer naturally. Air smelling like a lightning storm just passed.

Only one decision to make. That of caring. Show you care with the decision to a sustainable environment means cheap clean perpetual power sustainable. Together with a working environment for customers and staff now less susceptible to the common cold and viruses.

Demonstrate to customers that you use only USDA Certified Organic disinfectant for all of your fruit and vegetables. Your Certified GWZ Space means customers and staff alike benefit from the sustainable environment you created.

Show you CARE, Supe-up your Supermarket.


Everyone is familiar with the environment in a casino. The smoke is prevalent, creating an instant health hazard. Where there is a lot of people, there is a lot of perspiration, and the same bacteria problems abound. No high impact building is prepared for the high moisture content in the air, nor are they proactively dealing with it. You shouldn’t have to think about your health when playing the slots or betting on horses.

Imagine walking into a casino and not be gasped by “the smoke!” Could you imagine the kind of publicity that would come from a “green casino”? The most eco-friendly, healthy, highest technology, luxury casino.

There isn’t much more to say.


This fitness center could have air quality inside the center as fresh and clean as in the mountains after a thunderstorm if it had GWZ as the air helps sanitize the surroundings from germs and diseases. Think about it. Fitness centers produce a large amount of moisture due to sweat, swimming pools, and saunas. This moisture provides the perfect opportunity for chlorine to produce noxious gases and create a health hazard. This is an even bigger issue for fitness centers with an indoor pool!

What if the pool & spa water had no chlorine and was drinkable? What if you could kill the germs that are passed around an active, dense environment? That’s from our innovative GWZ design and integration.

Green World Zone™ wraps the full health and power requirements into a package for: Air, Water, Safety, Security, Sustainability, Frequency, Resources and Automation to make it all possible by divesting current operating expenses to pay for the green-up project.

“Green World Hub did a great job with all our green-ups. Love all the integration and detailed passionate input into the property for us”.

A. Academia.

Green Project Development


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