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Our Double Green™ Standard Bridges Economical with Ecological 

Why Green World Hub?

We’re a Green technology company – designing integration into buildings. A Greeen Project we Develop will integrate Green Energy systems into a building for perpetual micro-grids, together with healthy micro-climates (we call it Green World Zone™), which reduces business operating expenses to meet our Double Green Standard.  

  • Perpetual micro-grids

  • Healthy micro-climates

  • Reduce operating expenses

The Hub selects clients who are in a position to want to stay in business during grid fail. If you get in early, incentives will pay for your sustainability. Even get green cash for your green-ups. Our revolutionary Double Green package integrates energy efficient measures, green perpetual power sustainability and green funding for green-ups.

Green World Hub’s three legged stool of operations makes the package work without cost to any green up project we take on. It works like this: Green Energy  Systems Integration designs that incorporate Green Tax Refunds together with Green Incentives/Funding.

With these working together, greening comes naturally and without cost to the property owner. On top of the green magic for energy cost cutting double downs when you can add the making of a perfect healthy living space we call Green World Zone™ Sustainable Environments.

Our Green Project Development will specify energy efficiency improvements and healthy life sustaining renovations or new construction, which creates a near perfect micro-climate environment in a living space for end users and their guests…dramatically reducing operating expenses to attract guests for years to come.


The clients we select will qualify for No investiture. For all the green you won’t have to pay down on investments in either a green improvement project or a new property. Without our Double Green Package, you’ll find that; time, energy, and money spent in a wrong direction can be relentless. Sifting through the reliable contractors, securing unheard of funds (so you won’t have to come out of pocket or encumber your property with debt) and managing the project to completion requires the experience of time spent with boots on the ground upgrades, research, and knowing what doesn’t work for an application.

In some cases, Green World Hub takes on the role of Managing Director by bringing in the whole “green world” to you. We can do all the heavy lifting.

Practical application of our innovative and integrated Green World Zone bringing eco-harmony along with new possibilities of revenues discovered in your current expenses and converting them to green cash revenue. This is unique in the world of green practitioners: the integrated package from a Green Systems Integrator well designed plan. We work closely with stake holders. Your vendors, one–on-one with your unique project. Your vision, realized as Green World’s Eco-Nomical green financing, empowers the property owner to be the head of the development project, giving you unrestricted access to new streams of revenue from newly empowered customers of yours who appreciate energy power, efficiency upgrades, high performance Green World Zone environments and sustainability.

This one Green Project Development move as your vision and our architect design will convert your existing operating expenses to divest into a new high revenue stream.


We select stakeholders with spaces that would highly benefit from the health and safety of integrating Green World Zone upgrades. We target highly impacted spaces we find in medical care facilities, hospitality, grocery, fitness or high energy, high air quality impacted industries. An integration of environmental management as it applies to WAGESS (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Safety, Security). Green World’s use of Double Green Standard meaning is to move environmental green in to a property and move the accounting red out. We demonstrate how moving towards green responsibly replaces irresponsible waste out to get participating entities to take notice and reward you. Double green – Economical Ecological.

“Green World Hub did a great job with all our green-ups. Love all the integration and detailed passionate input into the property for us”.

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Have the power when the power goes out
Solar isn’t the whole answer you still have demand fees
Perpetual power not back up
Do not be left out when the power goes out

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Energy savings come in many shapes and sizes. It could be a management protocol change or end user modus operandi. A systems integration combined with Chi sustainable environments approach would look something like this:

The use of integrated high level Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) equipment into new sealed HVAC design and upgrade to make the indoor air better than the air outside and you can reduce or even eliminate the need for outdoor ventilation.
The energy saving end result is that when you’re trying to cool the space and paying to do so, you’ll replace less or no indoor air that would have had to be purged out and new make up air coming from the outside that is hot and/or humid to have to now re-pay to condition that new air.

Why go to this extent?

When you’re working with Double Green Standards and Chi health objectives, you simultaneously incorporate energy efficiency with healthy living as a natural course. You end up with having the savings pay for the highest living standard possible indoors.

The only known system capable of making this statement is the Chi Sustainable Living certification.

This incorporating Chi is beyond all of the energy savings, as a specification of Green World Hub to not only reduce the smallest most dangerous to your health and lungs in micron size contaminants of .01 to then add to the supply side of the air into the space with 20+ forms of Hydroxyls or super charged hydrated healthy air you breath. You could emulate this healthy environment if you were to stand under a mountain stream water fall after a lightning storm.

Killer breathing environment. Coronavirus sizes at .1 - .125 microns. Our kill rate at 99.9% at .01 microns.
So larger micron size contaminants don’t stand a chance to escape our deadly oxygenated trap for all viruses, bacteria, mold spores, VOC’s, toxins and smoke. To then enhance the now treated air with Hydroxyls so you can breathe in that mountain stream water fall after a lightning storm air you don’t find yourself living under. In your own Chi space you created your own self.