Green World Zone™ Sustainable Environment


What is Green World Zone™?

Bringing your Green World into the Zone (GWZ) with integrated technology to your space is an attempt to harmonize your eco-system for the most ideal balance in health, comfort and energy. A sustainable environment. You can be in balance by spending your resources as time, money and energy to obtain high performance living.

Automation – not having to focus on processes that can be done in the background.

Money – not having to spend your resources by tapping incentives to live more in balance than without.

Energy- not spending more energy but conserving and reducing effort in every aspect of personal energy in balance of your new renewable electric energy.

GWZ Sustainable Environment certification – Is to achieve the euphoric experience in your own GWZ Space.

In consideration of your occupied living space:

  • Essential management of the energy you consume and produce.

  • The purity and balance of air you breathe and the water you drink, clean, bath or swim in.

  • The resources you must have in order to use or the power you require for high performance living.

To have the technology in place for high performance, clean and natural living, you’ll have to have the ability to control and automate it or you’ll spend your life monitoring and tweaking yourself into a tizzy. You’ll need all the clean power produced by your own sustainable environment. Stored to be in control of it and used by priority, not only when the power goes out but for economic sustainability.

That would mean that you’re not backing up essential loads only. You’re backing up your high performance life. One full of all naturally produced power. To propel yourself into the world with your EV charged and ready. Your home grown room of sustainable plants under lights and self feeding GWZ air automation. Your back up water supply in your drinkable pool water with systems powered to keep it that way. Everything to sustain yourself and the high performance living in GWZ for your family included in your package.

A perpetual micro-grid within your sustainable environment controlling through intuitive automation all of your clean electric living spaces with care. Because you care how you live, the quality of it. Not infringing on the planet and others by not adding to pollution. Your sustainable environment. A personal responsibility approach. 

Green World Hub makes your vision possible. After our Green Energy Architect looks at your new obtainable objectives of a euphoric life under a sustainable environment. We’ll draft your plan and help choose how it will come about. Looking at contractors qualified to install measures with the same like minded care.

When you have a choice to set up your own high performance natural life in harmony. Then you may start to consider many things. The things that matter to your health and well being. Those life sustaining things like, what goes into the air you breathe? Is it balanced with oxygen, nitrogen, CO2 and hydrogen to feed your most healthy environment? You, your family, pets and plants. Because you care, you’ve taken matters into your own hands. To control your sustainable environment.

Remember, this is the space you occupy in harmony: Energy consuming, producing and storing. A space of enhancing health for those occupying the space in balance. As you create your thoughts in your head and feelings in your being, so is your space created in harmony.

All vibrate at the same frequency: The sky at 7.83hz. The earth at 7.83hz. Your brain at 7.83hz. Thoughts and living organisms within your environment should maintain harmony within the same vibration.

GWZ inside your space is what you come to realize. GWZ in your space derives from realizing what goes into your space to allow for a good GWZ to be in harmony. It is created in a specification to have the components operating in the background, as automation makes it something you don’t have to attend to. The GWZ Environment creates this specification through Steven Sprague’s 40 years of specifying Green Energy Architecture. A realization came to the originator of the need for aligning a sustainable environment.

In order to GWZ your space, systems of purity must be specified. How and where to apply Green World Air Zone for Oxygen Therapy to your space weather it comes from water to use, air to breathe, sound frequency, color vibration or best use of electricity to power GWZ measures. The architecture comes in as someone has to facilitate its manifestation. Green World Hub as a company moves the effort along to make it real for those seeking the ideal living experience in a space.

Green World Zone™ Architecture. A specification taken from your vision to manifestation. Developing out of comes: inception of ideal living on paper, design, controls, automation, energy requirements, energy allocation, energy production, energy stored as thermal or electric, water stored in a spa/pool as drinkable.

GWZ brings in Sustainability in two categories:

  1. As energy managed in a perpetual micro-grid of power you have available to use as your own power plant.
  2. Then comes the high performance living to build in the measures and components you would expect when you care about every aspect of GWZ in balance.

Who will install to the specification and how to get it to permit, incentives and to living it.

What is GWZ Living?

Bring the best of nature into your home with today’s technology. Combined clean automated control in your sustainable environment.

Bring GWZ into your world…your home…your living space, your work space to sustain your living environment. Once your water system is in place to give you safe drinking water it will need power. Your Oxygen Therapy operating in the background for the healthiest air circulating needs power. Your most efficient comfort system will need power to maintain the temperature, CO2 levels, humidity levels and Indoor Air Quality in your space. Your Certified USDA Organic Oxygen Therapy disinfectant equipment will need power to clean without chemicals or hot water. You’ll need the ability to keep hot water at your faucets. Your EV to propel you out into the world will need charging and more power.

Our perpetual micro-grid will keep you in power. Clean energy charges it and continues day after day on sunny days. When extreme weather won’t permit enough charge for every aspect or your sustainable environment. We start to shift power demands based on priority. Since we control your electrical circuits in your sustainable environment, we can do this with minimal if any lack of sustainable aspects of living ideally in your space.

GWZ Living is a practical specification for a high performance living space of balanced energy – a sustainable environment.

Green World Zone is a specification of design topology to take a home or building beyond buzz words of late. As Net-Zero is for carbon production, LEED for new green building standards, Energy Star is for energy certification, GWZ Environment is Carbon Negative and is for the occupants in all living spaces for harmony. All must be considered holistically in harmony when living in any space.

Considering accountability in the level of pollution being added or the lack of. Electricity being allocated for powering clean vehicles. Independent perpetual power in a micro-grid managed to power all needs in an economical and ecological balance. All considerations of comfort, health and safety of occupants are considered under the move towards GWZ.

Enter the Green World Zone™ – a space created and automated, so the occupants do not have to interact or manually control their environment beyond micro-detailed personal preferences for a maximized comfort level (adjusting a thermostat), or when a more auto-health treatment is called on (a personal Oxygen Therapy session) in a Steam-Oxy environment. GWZ energy is harnessed into a living space.

This is the only one of its kind. The GWZ Environment includes total self-sufficiency in clean growing and storing food in your proprietary dehydrated storage process sourced from your automated micro-grow in your GWZ space. GWZ Living provides self-consumption energy of occupants within the GWZ space. Transportation via clean energy generation and storage. This is in combination with an energy-efficient load profile.

There are “smart” homes and then there are Certified GWZ Sustainable Environments making a healthy living space into an intelligently automated dwelling. Your GWZ eco-system combines a comfort system with the most advanced Healthy Air technology (equivalent to scientific laboratory conditions and Hydro-Oxy treatments).

The GWZ that goes into your environment has no uncontrolled thermal transfer, as the insulated and sealed envelope is controlled with fresh air, purified, sanitized, then continuously cleaned out of old, stale air.

All these and more when your home is in the zone.

Comfort Zone™ – Not a Weather Zone

Be cozy everywhere in your space – no risk of stack effects, hot and cold spots, etc. Just controlled temperature the way YOU want it, in a controlled environment, as your micro-climate. Our exclusive design of pheudronic HVAC systems operate at the highest efficiency possible while producing conditioned air that’s not stuffy and alternating from one extreme to another.

Health Zone™

Your living space should never pose a health risk when it could be an asset to aid and enhance your health. Your space is a safe haven from pollutants and contaminants while adding healthy elements to protect your loved ones.

Safety Zone™

Your GWZ Environment will want to eliminate or limit fossil fuel burning, leaking, or off-gassing. Further establishing an environmental safe zone to combat virus or microbial outbreaks. Hot water that won’t scald at the faucet but clean at the highest temperatures as needed in the kitchen. While food preparation in the kitchen will be treated with Hydro-Peroxide in the circulating air and landing on all hard surfaces for a natural insecticide/germicide.

Security Zone™

Independent perpetual power in a Micro-grid. Never compromise the security of your guests and dwellers. A sustainable environment is a perpetual micro-grid of renewable power that recognizes your need to stay in business when the grid turns off. To balance your loads by controlling the priority of the loads. Reducing, shifting and prioritizing the use of it. Zoning guest rooms for occupancy only control. Shifting HVAC loads and reducing with ultra high efficient HVAC systems.

Sustainability Zone™

Make your living space a strong source of energy production. The only one of its kind to perpetually power your space with your GWZ Environment as an abundance of clean power for all living space demands and transportation, with reserves for emergencies. The highest GWZ space will have stored, energy, water, and food.

Water  Zone™

It matters how your water is treated. When your water is first purified, then sterilized and delivered with new healthy minerals and alkalinity while softened with re-structuring technology, it gives you the best possible water, for both health, cleaning and comfort. Fully in your building, back up supply or as a drinking point of use. Cleaning water is infused with Oxygen Therapy for all cleaning and disinfecting. Laundry, hands, kitchen, fruit and vegetables, bath, floors and filters without the use of hot water or detergents.

Air Zone™ 

Oxygen-Therapy Healthy Living Air


The health care of your air. We scrub the air of the most concerning small  particulates of .01 micron up to 2.5 micron in size as the most dangerous of viruses (Corona size is .1-.125 in size), pollutants, microbes, VOC’s and gasses. Then we add essential elements that are healthy to breathe in good GWZ infused Hydro-peroxide air. Our GWZ system is the only full spectrum purification and health enhancing available. Air filtration alone and the most you can find on the market will address particulate sizes above 2.5 ppm. This is good for remediating dust and allergens. But when you must control this and have a germicide/insecticide to control viruses and VOC’s down to the smallest particulates that will affect everybody…GWZ it is.

Automation Zone™

GWZ Environments use sensors and monitors and controls so your new GWZ relives you from having to tweak and configure your new euphoric micro-climate. It wouldn’t be GWZ if it were making you anxious about settings and systems optimizing in the back ground. A GWZ world puts you in control by automating the temperature, indoor air quality, humidity, fresh air, pure water and energy requirements in each micro-climate living space, along with security, use of resources, mineral water swimming pool/spa. High performance GWZ living is much more than smart…it’s your life optimized.

Frequency Zone™

Health enhancing air and water in your GWZ space will become something most find they can’t live without. Other enhancements like Oxygen-therapy and balancing your ionic condition within your being with light, color, vibration and sound is available for fully enhanced GWZ sustainable living. Optimization on demand with your electronic personal assistant to play a calming frequency upon your arrival, or a brain-stimulating frequency while working, or pain-reduction frequency when you have any one of hundreds of ailments. In the background, produce 7.83hz for balance. A sound vibration produced on demand for meditating in your steam spa while detoxing, cleansing and enhancing your Oxygen Therapy to your body.

Pool/Spa Health

A health spa mineral bath in place of chemicals as a natural high performance swimming pool/spa awaits those who desire no chlorine or chemicals for their home. As a code requirement for commercial pools we are limited from having total drinking water quality like you can in your home. Yet we can achieve the highest possible near spa conditions in a commercial pool by supplementing our ionized and only EPA approved enhanced natural chemistry in automation to treat the commercial pool water. A cheating enzyme to break down the shell of bacteria that forms in the walls of piping and on surfaces. For commercial pool/spa treatment to maintain the precise lowest and to code levels of chlorine in a salt pool without harsh chemicals for their guests. In the home, total automation produces drinkable water quality for residential. Salt water automation for commercial pools. In either case you never need pool service. Drinkable water as a large resource of back up water supply together with an ideal mineral spa swimming experience.

Resources Zone

Your use of WAGE (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity) Resources are now under your control. Leading to a living space that operates efficiently in automation while conserving earth’s goods. No excesses or polluting while using the least amount of water and resources without contributing chemicals to your GWZ space, your body, the air, the drain water, your drinking water and the environment.

Opportunity to Live in GWZ Euphoria

Getting the idea that your GWZ Space is in a shroud of healthy treatments of Oxygen Therapy and health spa-equivalent resort-style living? Available in spaces you and your guests occupy. To be able to deliver this level of care to your guests anytime at a cost lower than without it, see how our double green certification that make it real for you by making the numbers crunch. When packaged into our Green project integration, all without cost and without compromise. 

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