Free government funds to keep you in business during the next power outage.

  • Free government-funded back-up power to qualified business owners.
  • No loss of business or refrigerated inventory.

Viewing this information means that your business qualifies for a government-funded, no-cost power back-up system to keep your business operating during a fire or power outage. This includes Grocery stores, Hospitality, Senior care homes, Medical facilities and more.

Because your business is located in the critical fire zones of Tier 2 or 3, you meet the prerequisite for receiving government funds for a perpetual power system for your building. This will preserve not only your daily operating power for lighting, heating, and air-conditioning but also your frozen and refrigerated inventory.

This self-sustaining micro-grid power supply will be available to your facility 24/7/365 in the case of a power outage in your area due to fire, grid failure, brown-outs, elective shut-downs due to high-winds, etc.

The uncertain conditions of your electricity provider and the power grid has enacted the government to create a fund to provide power back up for buildings in the highly impacted fire zones.

The battery backup system for your business will keep you from losing:

  • Stored temperature-dependent food
  • Customers
  • Your business

These back up power resources are available for fresh food storage warehouses, fresh food distributors, grocery stores, hotels and motels, medical facilities, boarding and care homes, restaurants, hospitals, and convalescent homes.

Building owners of these types of businesses or of any highly impacted business in Tier 2 and 3 fire zones can apply for free government funds for your power back up system.

This is not just for critical loads for lights and data or even refrigeration only. This is full business back up power to keep you in business.

For those who are able to apply during this 3-6 month window, will receive the free government funding for your independent power backup system to avoid business interruption. As a side benefit, by having control over your power, you will not have to pay your electricity provider high demand costs during peak times.

 Apply here to start your energy protection qualification process immediately before the fund runs out.

Apply here to save your business from power outages

Crisis funding is available for buildings in Tier 2 and 3 fire zones.

100% of the costs covered while funds last to keep you in business perpetually. Don’t hesitate as these funds are limited for those who act promptly.

When finished, submit this application immediately.

Building owner same as business owner? *

If different, does the building owner have interest in the business?

Has your power gone out in the past two years for more than one day?

Have you suffered loss of inventory or business as a result?

Do you have a contingency plan when the power goes out this year and for the next ten years?

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